Oct 25 2016

Is It Hillary? Is It Trump? Or Is It the Media? Gender Politics in the 2016 Presidential Election: A Round table Discussion

October 25, 2016


Institute for the Humanities (701 S. Morgan St, Chicago)



Media critics and academics have suggested that gender bias has played an important role in Americans’ response to Hillary Clinton.   Because of her gender, the media have covered her in a different and possibly more critical way than they cover male candidates and, according to critics, that has affected her support among key constituent groups.  Others say that the gender bias inherent in media coverage is exacerbated by Trump’s rhetoric that emphasizes his disapproval of “political correctness” and encourages expressions of hostility towards women.  A third group of scholars suggest that this is not about gender bias but rather partisan bias:  the media has been more critical of Hillary in an effort to correct their own ideological and partisan bias which tends to tilt left.  So, is this about gender or is it about partisanship?
Three experts, Laurel Harbridge Yong from Northwestern University, Monica Schneider from Miami University, and Lali Abril Puig from UIC  will discuss the relative merits of each position based on research in political science, communication and psychology.  The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Alexandra Filindra from UIC’s Political Science Department.

The audience will also be welcome to add to the discussion and submit questions.

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