Student Highlight: Ruben Bautista

Ruben Bautista

Ruben Bautista – Expected graduation:  May 2016

Ruben recently returned from studying abroad at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  As a student at the LSE he had the chance to take two courses: Development Economics 307 and Law 203—International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration. Ruben says, “Four years ago I would not have seen myself as capable of accomplishing these goals. Coming from a first generation immigrant family, I often found myself having to explain to my parents why I had to spend so much time on campus.”

Now a graduating senior, Ruben says that “staff members in LARES (Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services) and UIC’s Faculty have been incredibly supportive of his educational endeavors.   As a soon to be UIC Alumni, I would encourage undergraduate students to get involved and make their time at UIC much more than just going to classes. I will also like to let them know that there are a lot of people on campus who are more than willing to help us achieve our goals.”

After graduation, Ruben plans to pursue a one-year international Master’s program or take part in a fellowship program.  Ultimately, he will be heading to law school.