Department Head: Evan McKenzie
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dick Simpson
Interim Director of Graduate Studies: Yue Zhang


Name Office Phone Email Address Subfield Topics of Interest
Robert Bruhl 312-413-3775 American Politics Legislative Politics, Voting and Elections, Economics, Policy Analysis, Statistics, Research Methods, Strategic Analysis
Seung-Whan Choi 312-413-3280 International Relations Terrorism, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Conflict Research Methods
Stephen G. Engelmann 312-413-3781 Political Theory Historical and Contemporary Political and EconomicTheory, Early-Modern English Political Thought, Bentham Studies
Andreas Feldmann 312-996-7270 International Relations Political Violence, Terrorism, Human Rights, Population Uprooting, International Cooperation, Development
Alexandra Filindra 312-996-1234 American Politics Political Behavior, Immigration Policy, Race and Ethnicity, Comparative Politics
Katharine M. Floros   312-996-8778 International Relations  Civic Conflict, Demography and Conflict, Civil War Negotiations, American Foreign Policy
Cedric Johnson  312-413-1274 Urban Politics
Racial and Ethnic Politics, African American Political Thought, Neoliberalism, Political Economy, Labor Studies,Critical Urban Theory
Noah J. Kaplan
American Politics
Public Opinion, Political Communication, Campaign and Elections, Representation, Quantitive Methodology
Petia Kostadinova 312-413-2187 Comparative Politics Comparative Politics, European Union, East Europe
Kevin Lyles 312-996-3105 American Government Constitutional Law, Judicial Process, African-American Legal History, Gender and Law
Evan McKenzie 312-413-3782 Urban Politics, Public Law, American Politics
housing policy, land use, judicial process, constitutional law
Norma Claire Moruzzi 312-996-2794 Political Theory Feminist Theory, Politics of Social Identity, Middle Eastern and Islamic Women Film Studies
Amalia V. Pallares 312-413-9170 Comparative Politics Racial and Ethnic Politics in Latin America, Comparative Politics, Latinos in the United States
Dick W. Simpson 312-413-3780 Urban Politics Chicago Politics, Elections, State and Local Politics, Neighborhood Empowerment, Public Corruption
Sultan Tepe 312-355-0128 Comparative Politics Democratization, Religion and Politics, Political Parties, Radical Political Groups, Research Methods, Judicial Reforms, Middle Eastern Politics
Yue Zhang 312-996-2396 Urban Politics, Comparative Politics Urban Governance, Urbanization in Developing Countries, Globalization, Historic Preservation, Cultural Policy
Christopher Z. Mooney  217-300-9000  Public Administration, State Government  Public Administration, State Government


Name Office Phone Email Address Subfield Topics of Interest
Alba Alexander
312-413-3774 American Politics Public Policy, American Political Development, State and Local Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Civic Engagement


Name Office Phone Email Address Subfield Topics of Interest
Matt Motyl 312-996-3037 Political Psychology Social Psychology
Michael Pagano  312-413-3375 Urban Politics Public Administration 
David Perry 312-996-3108 Urban Planning and Policy Urban Political Economy and Theory of State, Spatial Theory and Urban Planning, Urban Finance, Public Infrastructure and Governance, Regionalism and Structures of Governance
Linda J. Skitka 312-996-4464 Political Psychology Psychology of Terrorism, Ideology and Justice
Maria de los Angeles- Torres 312-996-2510 Comparative Politics Latino Studies, Cuban Politics

Emeritus FACULTY

Name Office Phone Email Address Subfield Topics of Interest
Isaac Balbus 312-413-2185 Political Theory Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Ecology, Critical Theory
John A. Gardiner 312-996-8778 American Politics Policy Implementation, Political Corruption, Regulatory Systems
Doris A. Graber 312-993-3105 American Politics American Mass Media, Political Communication, Strategic Communication
Richard M. Johnson 312-996-3105 American Politics Democratic Theory & Practice, Politics of Higher Education
Dennis R. Judd
312-996-4421 Comparative Politics Urban Politics and Policy, Urban Political Economy, Public Policy
Rasma Karklins 312-993-3105 Comparative Politics Soviet/Russian and East European Politics, Ethnic Relations, Political Corruption
B.C. Koh 312-413-3775 International Relations Far Eastern Studies, Korean Politics, Japanese Politics
Andrew McFarland
American Politics
 Interest Groups, Public Policy, Social Movements, Political Participation, Civic Reform, Transitional Networks, Political Consumerism
Barry S. Rundquist 312-413-2190 American Politics Legislatures, Public Policy Formation, Distributive Politics, Policy Analysis
Gerald S. Strom 312-996-5145 American Politics Legislatures, Parties and Elections, Research Methodology