Alexandra Filindra

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Rutgers University, 2009

Selected Recent Publications
  1.  Buckinx, B. and A. Filindra (2015) “The Case Against Removal: Jus Noci and Harm in Deportation Practice,” Migration Studies (forthcoming) Alexandra Filindra | University of Illinois at Chicago -
  2. Filindra, A. (2014) “The Emergence of the ‘Temporary Mexican’: American Agriculture, the U.S. Congress and the 1920 Hearings on  the “Temporary Admissions of Illiterate Mexicans,” Latin American Research Review, Vol. 49 (3), pp. 85-102
  3.  Filindra, A. (2013) “Immigrant Social Policy in the American States: Race Politics and State TANF and Medicaid Eligibility Rules for Legal Permanent Residents,” State Politics and Policy Quarterly, Vol. 13 (1), pp. 26-48 
  4. Filindra, A. and S. Pearson-Merkowitz (2013) “Together in Good Times and Bad? How Economic Triggers Condition the Effects of Social Interactions between Groups,” Social Science Quarterly, 94(5 December):1328-1345  
  5.  Tichenor, D. and A. Filindra (2013) “Raising Arizona v. United States: The Origins and Development of Immigration Federalism." Lewis and Clark Law Review, 16(4), pp.1215-47
  6. Filindra A. and M. Orr (2013) “Anxieties of a Peaceful Transition: Ethnic Competition and the Election of the First Latino Mayor in Providence, RI,” Urban Affairs Review, Vol. 49 (1), 3-31
  7. Filindra, A., D. Blanding, and C. Garcia-Coll (2011) “The Power of Context: State –Level Immigration Policy and Differences in the Educational Performance of the Children of Immigrants,” Harvard Educational Review, Fall 2011, Volume 81 (3), pp.163-193
Policy Reports
Filindra, A. (2012) The Myth of Self-Deportation. Washington, DC: Immigration Policy Center (

Grants and Awards
  1. Pew Center for the States, Immigration Legislation in the States 2014 data ($19,000), 2015-16
  2. Pew Center for the States, Immigration Legislation in the States 1990-2013 ($75,000), 2013-15
  3.  Chancellor’s Discovery Fund, UIC (with C. Bonam, $40,000), 2014-2015
  4. Chicago Area Study, UIC (with N. Kaplan, $65,000), 2013-2014
  5. RTI Challenge (with S. Pearson, $30,000 equivalent), 2012-2013
  6. Gates Foundation Conference Development Grant (with C. Garcia Coll, $8,000), 2011
  7. Rhode Island Foundation Grant, New England Immigration Survey,  ($17,000), 2010-2011
Honors & Awards
LAS Dean’s Award for Faculty Research in the Humanities, UIC ($2,000), 2013
Best Section Paper Award, APSA, Federalism Section, 2000
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Contact Information 

Office: 1108D BSB, MC 276
Phone: 312-996-1234
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