Stephen G. Engelmann

Associate Professor

Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University

Fields of Interest:
Political Theory (historical and contemporary), Social and Economic Theory (historical and contemporary), Early-Modern English Political Thought, Bentham Studies

Selected Publications:
Imagining Interest in Political Thought: Origins of Economic Rationality; Duke University Press, 2003

"Facts, Values, and 'Real' Numbers," with Sophia Mihic and Elizabeth Rose Wingrove, in George Steinmetz, ed., The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences: Positivism and Its Epistemological Others; Duke University Press, 2005

"Posner, Bentham, and the Rule of Economy," Economy & Society; February, 2005

"'Of Indirect Legislation': Bentham's Liberal Government," Polity,April 2003

"Imagining Interest," Utilitas, November 2001

Selected Recent Papers and Presentations: 
"Singer, Darwin, Bentham, and the Utiltarian Imagination"International Society for Utilitarian Studies, Hanover, NH, August 2005

"Darwinian Interests," Western Political Science Association, Oakland, CA, March 2005

"Political Theory and Economic Governance" Western Political Science AssociationLong Beach, CA, March 2002

"Bentham's Expectations," Bentham Seminar, University College, London, November 2001

"Bentham's Economic Government and Contemporary 'Globalization,'" Seminar, Kansai University Department of Economics, Osaka, Japan, July 2001.

"Darwin's Race," American Political Science Association, September 2004

"Bentham on Law and Economics" Workshop on Distributive Justice and Utilitarianism," Tokyo Metropolitan University, January 2004

"Economic Rationality and Reason of State," Japanese Society for Utilitarian Studies, Osaka, Japan, July 2001.

"An Invincible Disgust? Bentham's Liberal Government of Indirect Legislation," American Political Science Association, Washington, D.C., August 2000.

"Foucault's Governmentality and Althusser's Ideology," Faculty/Graduate Seminar, UIC, February 2000.

Current Research Areas:
History of social science; biopolitics

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Office: 1108B BSB, MC 276
Phone: 312-413-3781
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