Selected Graduate Students

Name Email Address   Topics of Interest
Scott Braam Urban Politics, American Politics
Beyza Buyuker Comparative Politics, Urban Politics, Elections and Public Opinion.
Rebecca Clendenen
Comparative Politics, Cultural Identity Formation and Mobilization
Ajar Chekirova Comparative Politics,
Urban Politics, American Politics
Michael Dirksen Comparative Political Parties,
Religious Politics, and Cities
Amanda Jadidi-d’Urso American Politics and Quantitative Research Methods
Maureen Heffern Ponicki Comparative Politics and Urban Politics
Khalid Madhi Urban politics, Political Theory,
Gender and Women's Studies, Politics
of the Middle-East and North Africa
Ion Nimerencu Transnational Citizenship, Diaspora Politics,Transnational Political Participation, Identity Politics, Voting Behavior, and Political Representation
Semih Patan Democratization, Authoritarian Regimes, Religion and Politics, Urban Politics.
Aviral Pathak Political and Economic Thought, Comparative Politics.
Robert Plizga Political Theory
Roberto Rincon Comparative Politics and Political Theory
Eduardo Salinas Urban Politics, Comparative Politics, Participatory Budgeting
Amy Schoenecker Urban Politics, Comparative Politics; Informality, Institutions, Governance, Policy, Cities, Contestation
Eliska Schnabel Comparative Politics, Urban Politics, Minority Rights, Democratization, Extremism, Non-Democratic Regimes
Jason Stodolka American Politics, Urban Politics, Gender and Women’s Studies
Meggan Trevey  American and Comparative Politics