Ajar Chekirova

Ajar Chekirova is a Ph.D candidate in Political Science at UIC. She
concentrates in Comparative and Urban Politics with a focus on migration,
citizenship, displacement and urban development. Her dissertation explores
the effects of the persisting institution of household registration in
post-communist states on urban development, citizenship, and democratic
principles. Other research interests include political parties,
elections, and voting behavior in Comparative and American politics.

Ajar holds a LL.B Bachelor of Laws from Peking University (2009), an M.A. in
International Studies from Ohio University (Fulbright, 2012) and an M.A.
in Political Science from UIC (2014). She is a Visiting Fellow at Central
Asian Studies Institute in Kyrgyzstan in 2015-2016 academic year.
Ajar Chekirova

Contact Information

Email: acheki2@uic.edu