Photo of Bruhl, Robert

Robert Bruhl, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Political Science


Office Phone:

(312) 413-3775

CV Download:

Robert Bruhl CV


Fields of Interest:

American Government, Legislative Politics, Voting and Elections, Economics, Economic Historical Analysis, Public Policy Analysis, Statistics, Research Methods, Strategic Analysis, Leadership, Group Decision Making

Notable Honors

1996, 1997, University Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago

1996, Travel Award, American Political Science Association


PhD University of Illinois in Chicago

MBA University of Chicago, 1982

MS, Computer and Communication Sciences, University of Michigan, 1980

Selected Presentations

"Some Laboratory Observations on the Distributional Aspects of Decision-Making in Small Committees," Western Economics Association International Annual Meeting, 2009

"Some Observations on the 2008 Presidential Elections." January Meeting of the Meeting of the State University Annuitants of Illinois, 2009

"Economic Factors in U.S. Presidential Election Outcomes," Western Economics Association International Annual Meeting, 2007

"A Possible Solution to the Principal-Agent Problem Posed by the Contemporary CEO," Journal of Business Ethics December 2003

"Committee Decisions under Majority Rule: Some New Experimental Observations." Midwest Political Science Association, 2001

Research Currently in Progress

Understanding Statistcal Analysis.  A text emphasizing the reasoning behind statistical analysis

Understanding the American Government. A text focusing n the social, historical, and economic aspects of the American polity, with a special emphasis on policy formation.