Photo of Cetin, Reha Atakan

Reha Atakan Cetin

Graduate Student

Political Science


Reha studies Urban politics, migration/refugee studies, human rights,  and issues of race and ethnicity.

some of Reha's awards include Chicago Consular Corps Award (2020), Switzerland National Center of Competence in Research-NCCR Grant (2019), Koc University Workshop Grant (2017), LSE European Institute Conference Grant (2017),  and the European Commission Erasmus Exchange Program Grant (2013)

In addition to the above, Reha enjoys the seaside, long walks, and chocolate!

Selected Publications

  • Cetin, R. A.​, Cetin, S., & Turan, E. (2019). Social Trust, Authoritarianism and Immigration Attitudes. ​Journal of Selcuk University Institute of Social Sciences,​ (42), 168-179.
  • Cetin, R.A​. & Cetin S. (2019). Ideology and Partisanship in American Politics. Journal of Turkish Studies​, 14(3), 1325-1335.
  • Cetin, R.A​. (2019). “Red Media, Blue Media: Evidence of Ideological Selectivity in Media Use”: A Critical Review. Kastamonu University Journal of Communication Research, (2), 119-125.
  • Cetin, S., Hamsioglu, O., ​Cetin, R.A. & Turan, E. (2019). Pluralism And Democratic Theory: Foundations And Challenges. ​Journal of Cukurova University Institute of Social Sciences​, 28(1), 191-205.
  • Cetin, S., Turan, E., ​Cetin, R.A.​, & Hamsioglu, O. (2017). The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Turkey-EU Relations. ​International Journal Of Political Studies​, 3(3), 14-19.


● BSc - Political Science and Public Administration - Middle East Technical University, Ankara (2016)
● MSc - European Studies - London School of Economics and Political Science (2017)
● University of California, Irvine (study abroad, 2015)
● University of Leeds (study abroad, 2014

Research Currently in Progress

Currently researching the social integration processes of the Syrian refugees in Turkey