Registration Holds

Some Undergraduate Courses may have Consent of Instruction Registration Holds.   To obtain permission to register for these courses, please print the Registration Permit Form linked below or obtain a paper copy of the form from the department reception office (1102 BSB). Then follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the top portion of the form
  2. Obtain the instructor’s signature on the form.  If the instructor is not available, you may e-mail him/her asking for a return e-mail granting permission to register.  Print out the return e-mail and submit it with the Registration Permit Form.
  3. Submit the Registration Permit Form to the department reception office (1102 BSB).
  4. Once your name has been entered online for this course, you will be able to register for the course in the usual manner. (Please note:  submitting the form does not complete the registration.  You must register online for the course yourself!)