Petia Kostadinova

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Florida State University, 2002

Fields of Interest:
Comparative Politics, European Union, East Europe

Selected Publications:

10. Kostadinova, Tatiana and Petia Kostadinova. 2016. “Party Promises, Voter Understanding, and Mandate Responsiveness in East European Politics”, Politics and Policy 44(1): 5-34.

9. Kostadinova, Petia and Magda Giurcanu. 2015. “Political Blackmail, Institutional Infighting and Electoral Politics: The Fate of Governing Parties during the Great Recession (2008-12) in Romania and Bulgaria”, Politics and Policy 43(6): 789–821.

8. Kostadinova, Petia. 2015. “Party pledges in the news:  Which election promises do the media report?”, Party Politics, first published on October 26, 2015 as doi:10.1177/1354068815611649

7. Kostadinova, Petia. 2015. “Improving the Transparency and Accountability of EU Institutions-The Impact of the Office of the European Ombudsman”, Journal of Common Market Studies 53(5): 1077-1093.

6. Kostadinova, Petia. 2015. “Media in the New Democracies of Postcommunist Eastern Europe,” East European Politics and Societies 29(2): 453-466.

5. Kostadinova, Petia. 2014. “Social Policy Arrangements across Europe: continuing disparities between social models in the EU?” L’Europe en formation 372(Été 2014 - Summer 2014): 33-50.

4. Kostadinova, Petia. 2013. “Democratic Performance in Post-communist Bulgaria: Election Pledges and Levels of Fulfillment, 1997-2005”, East European Politics 29(2): 190-207.

3. Dimitrova, Daniela and Petia Kostadinova. 2013. “Identifying Antecedents of the Strategic Game Frame: A Longitudinal Analysis”, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 90(1): 75-88.

2. Kostadinova, Petia and Daniela Dimitrova. 2012. "Communicating Policy Change: Media Framing of Economic News in Post-Communist Bulgaria”, European Journal of Communication 27(2): 171-186.

1. Dimitrova, Daniela and Petia Kostadinova. 2012. “Use of Sources in Newspaper Coverage of the 2009 Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections”,Central European Journal of Communication 1: 81-92. 

Grants, and Memberships:
(PI) 2014 OSSR Seed Grant
(PI) 2014 European Union Center grant
(PI) 2007 European Commission Jean Monnet Program-Jean Monnet Course Module
(co-PI) 2004 European Union Commission Academic Outreach Grant
(co-PI) 2004 European Commission Jean Monnet Program-Jean Monnet Course Module

Affiliate faculty Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies, University of Chicago
Member of American Political Science Association, Midwest Political Science Association, European Union Studies Association, and Association for Slavic East European and Eurasian Studies
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Contact Information

Office: Room 1136 BSB, MC 276
Phone: (312) 413-2187
Fax: (312) 413-0440