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Located in the heart of Chicago, the UIC Political Science department offers exceptional resources to its graduate students.  Our dedication to excellence is manifested in our faculty and our curriculum.  We encourage our graduate students to contribute to the understanding of local and global issues.  Our graduate program offers one of the best academic environments for its students, drawing on its rich academic tradition and a wide array of surrounding research institutes and centers that attract scholars and practitioners from around the world.  Our program includes a competitive financial aid program based on academic merit.

The Department of Political Science at UIC offers graduate training for a master’s degree in political science and a doctorate in political science.  These programs provide intensive study in the theoretical and methodological foundations of political science, with an emphasis on policy and governance.  Both degree programs prepare students for careers in teaching and research, public service and government and non-profit organizations and agencies.

All political science graduate courses are offered from mid-afternoon through early evening hours.  Students in both the M.A.and Ph.D. programs are expected to enroll in certain courses during their first year in the program.

In the Fall semester, first-year  MA and Ph.D. students must take POLS 401, POLS 482, and a gateway course of their choice (POLS 504, POLS 551, POLS 560, POLS 570, or POLS 571).

In the Spring semester, first-year MA students take POLS 505 and a gateway course of their choice (POLS 504, POLS 551, POLS 560, POLS 570, or POLS 571). First-year Ph.D. students are required to take POLS 505, a gateway course, and POLS 501.

This information reflects current programs and requirements.  Courses, faculty, prerequisites, graduation or completion requirements, standards, tuition, and programs may change from time to time.  Students are held to the program rules in effect at the time of their original enrollment.


Note: The GRE is now optional for admission to both the MA and PhD programs.

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