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Major in Political Science Heading link

For the Bachelor of Arts, a minimum of 33 semester hours, as distributed below. In addition to the specified course work below, the student must fulfill certain other course requirements to be awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. For additional graduation requirements and information on admission and academic regulations in the College, see College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • POLS 101, 200 (6 hrs.)
  • Two from POLS 120, 130, 184 (6 hrs.)
  • One from POLS 329, 349, 389, 399 (3 hrs.)
  • Completion of one of the 300-level courses above fulfills the Writing-in-the-Discipline requirement
  • Four additional political science courses at the 200 level or above and two additional political science courses at the 300-level or above (18 hrs.)

Full class listing requirements for a BA with a Major in Political Science.


Concentration in Urban Politics

Situated in Chicago, we have a unique unique laboratory available to study urban politics as well as the duty to provide information for use by government, public interest organizations, civic groups and the greater urban community. To this end, we offer a Concentration in Urban Politics that is satisfied by the course requirements to earn a BA with a Major in Political Science, Concentration in Urban Politics.


Law and Courts Concentration

The UIC Political Science Department has long taught a full undergraduate curriculum in law and legal studies to help students prepare for a variety of careers in the public and private sector. We offer a Concentration in Law and Courts that is satisfied by the course requirements to earn a BA with a Major in Political Science, Concentration in Law and Courts.


For a full list of courses available, please see the Political Science Course Descriptions (PDF format here).

Minor in Political Science Heading link

For the minor, a minimum of 18 semester hours.

Click here to check the college courses that will meet these requirements.

Distinction Heading link

To be considered for graduation with distinction in political science, a student must have a minimum 3.25 all-University grade point average and a minimum 3.50 grade point average in all political science courses. Students with the required grade point averages must write and present to a faculty examining committee of the department an acceptable essay while enrolled in POLS 305 and defend it before that committee. The student must enroll in POLS 305 for 6 credit hours during the senior year. Both course and credit hours must be in addition to those required for the major. The level of distinction (distinction, high distinction, highest distinction) is determined by the department faculty, who will consider the recommendation of the faculty examining committee and the candidate’s grade point average.