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Photo of Engelmann, Stephen G.

Stephen G. Engelmann, PhD

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Political Science

Pronouns: he/him/his


Building & Room:

1108B BSB


1007 W. Harrison Street

Office Phone:

(312) 413-3781


Stephen Engelmann teaches courses in the history of political and social thought and contemporary theory. Research interests include British political thought, political economy, history of the human sciences, biopolitics, and Bentham studies. His first book, Imagining Interest in Political Thought, investigates the origins of economic rationality as political rationality in the 17th through 19th centuries. A new monograph, Economic Rationality, reads post-classical economics as political theory. A draft manuscript on Darwin, J.S. Mill, and new naturalisms is under revision.

Selected Publications

“Ending at the Beginning: Law and Political Theory in ‘Pannomial Fragments,'” in *Bentham on Democracy, Courts, and Codification,* ed. P. Schofield and X. Zhai (Cambridge, 2022), 287-314.

“Liberal Advocacy and Neoliberal Rule: On McCloskey’s Ambivalence,” in *Humanism Challenges Materialism in Economics and Economic History,* ed. R. Floud, S. Hejeebu, and D. Mitch (Chicago, 2017), 153-189.

“Queer Utilitarianism: Bentham and Malthus on the Threshold of Biopolitics,” *Theory & Event* 17:4 (2014).

*Jeremy Bentham: Selected Writings* (Yale, 2011).

“Theory Trouble: The Case of Biopolitical Science,” *Austrian Journal of Political Science* 39:1 (2010), 55-71.

“Facts, Values, and ‘Real’ Numbers,” with Sophia Mihic and Elizabeth Rose Wingrove, in *The Politics of Method in the Human Sciences: Positivism and Its Epistemological Others,* ed. George Steinmetz (Duke, 2005), 470-495.


PhD Johns Hopkins University

Research Currently in Progress

History of social science; biopolitics