Barry S. Rundquist

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Stanford University, 1973

Fields of Interest:
American Politics, Legislatures, Public Policy Formation, Distributive Politics, Policy Analysis.

Selected Publications:

On Congress and Distributive Politics
2010. "On the Federal Spending Two-Step: A Study of RedistributionAmong American Counties, 1990 to 2008," a paper for the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting, Chicago Illinois, April 22. With Zach Gebhardt and Greg Holyk.

2002. Congress and Defense Spending: The Distributive Politics of Military Procurement, with Thomas Carsey, Oklahoma University Press.

2001. "The Illinois 10th Congressional District Election", in David Magleby, ed., Soft Money in 2000 Congressional Elections (Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, Brigham Young University) February, in PS: Politics and Society, June, with Ola Adeoye, Julia Dowse, Chris Chistenson, and Randy Smith.

Earlier articles in the American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Public Choice, Legislative  Studies Quarterly, American Politics Quarterly, and other social science journals.

On Illinois and Chicago Politics and Policy
2009. "The Distribution of Federal Expenditures Among Rich and Poor Illinois Counties," Illinois Political Science Review, Spring, Vol. 13, with Greg Holyk and Zach Gebhardt.

2001. "Analysis of Federal Procurement Data Systems for Illinois, FY1997-1999", Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, with Thomas Carsey.

2000. "Race, Prejudice, and Policy in Illinois", Policy Forum, Vol. 13.3, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, with Tom Carsey, Gerald Strom, and Sean Hogan.

Selected Activities and Honors:
National Science Foundation grant for studying "The Distributive Politics of Problem Solving," with Tom Carsey, 1998-2000.

Great Cities Institute Scholar, 1995-96.

Grants in 1994-95 to fund the Illinois Voter Project from the Joyce Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, the Chicago Tribune Foundation, the New Horizons, and the Fel-Pro Mecklinberger Foundation. The Illinois Voter Project was a joint project of UIC and the Illinois League of Women Voters.

National Science Foundation grant for the study of campaign finance in Illinois, with Mildred Schwartz and Gerald Strom, 1985-87.

American Political Science Association, Congressional Fellowship, 1969-70.

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