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Photo of Dirksen, Michael

Michael Dirksen

Graduate Student

Political Science


I study Comparative & Urban Politics with a particular emphasis on comparative urban environmental policy. I am interested in how parties use power at the city level to govern utilities

Selected Publications

Simpson, D. W., Gradel, Thomas, Dirksen, Michael, Rossi, Marco Rosaire. (2020). Illinois Corruption Report. University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Political Science.


The Party and “The People”: Congruence Between Populist Party Supporters and Elites (forthcoming)

Michael Dirksen, Keith Simonds, Sultan Tepe


For God’s Sake (and forsaken people): Religious Populism in Israel, Turkey, and India (forthcoming)

Michael Dirksen, Keith Simonds, Sultan Tepe


Making Votes Count: Electoral Foundations of Democratic Backsliding in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes (forthcoming)

Michael Dirksen, Keith Simonds, Sultan Tepe


• Hope College 2012 Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, International Studies
• American University 2016 Masters of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Research Currently in Progress

My dissertation focus’ on how the Justice and Development Party in Turkey and the Bharatiya Janata Party in India govern water at the city level.