Photo of Floros, Katharine M.

Katharine M. Floros, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Political Science


Building & Room:

1170B BSB


1007 W Harrison St

Office Phone:

(312) 996-8778

CV Download:

Katharine M. Floros CV


Fields of Interest:

International Relations, Civil conflict, Demography and conflict, Civil war negotiations, American foreign policy


PhD University of Pittsburgh

Research Currently in Progress

"Demography and Domestic Power Transition: The Effect of Relative Identity Group Size on Civil Conflict"

"State Capacity and Recurring Civil Violence," (with Lingyu Lu).

"Comparing Civil Conflict and Terrorism:  Does Curing One Lead to the Other?" (with Matt Moore).

"Bargaining Strategies and the Failure of Civil War Peace Agreements," (with Heather Elko McKibben).